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Artistic Mastery Management Package

Guiding Your Artistic Journey to Excellence


Are you an artiste seeking a comprehensive management and artistic support system to navigate the complexities of the industry? Our Artistic Mastery Management Package is tailored to provide holistic management, production, marketing, distribution and sales support, elevating your artistic journey to new heights.

Package Inclusions:

  • Production Excellence:

    • Professionally recorded and mixed single/ track

    • Studio time (up to 20 hours)

    • Mastering for optimal sound quality

    • Personalised song arrangement and composition guidance

    • Collaborative sessions with seasoned producers

  • Strategic Marketing and Management:

    • Customised marketing strategy development

    • Artiste branding and image consultation

    • Social media management (across major platforms)

    • Targeted email marketing campaign

    • Personalised artiste management services

  • Comprehensive Distribution:

    • Distribution to major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

    • Inclusion in relevant digital music stores

    • Placement on curated playlists

    • Digital distribution strategy for global reach

    • Physical CD production and distribution (optional)

    • USB drive containing artiste EP or LP (optional)

  • Sales Amplification Initiatives:

    • Merchandising consultation and design

    • E-commerce setup for merchandise sales

    • Promotional discounts for initial merch sales

    • Fan engagement strategy (contests, giveaways, etc.)

    • Licensing opportunities for additional revenue streams

  • Performance Opportunities and Tour Management:

    • Assistance in securing live performance opportunities

    • Coordination with event organisers and venues

    • Promotion of live performances through our network

    • Tour management and logistics support

    • Exclusive access to potential collaborations


Pricing: $14,999 USD

Additional Notes:


  • Customisation: We understand every artiste is unique. This package can be tailored to meet specific needs and preferences.

  • Payment Plans: Flexible payment plans are available to ease financial considerations.

Why Choose the Artistic Mastery Management Package?


Beyond artistic support, our package provides dedicated artist management services, ensuring that every aspect of your career is strategically managed for optimal growth. We are your partners in achieving artistic mastery and commercial success.

Ready to Guide Your Artistic Journey to Excellence?


Contact us today to discuss how the Artistic Mastery Management Package can be customized to fuel your artistic aspirations. Let's collaboratively shape your music into an influential force in the music industry.

Artistic Mastery Management Package

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