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Mother Company Overview:

Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront is your gateway to an Unparalleled Shopping and Stellar Service experience. You will be able to access top-tier professional business services, a diverse range of auxiliary offerings and a wide variety of unique Premium Products. Throughout the year, we offer exceptional and competitively priced packages to meet your needs. 

Welcome to U-SOL, where a modern, revolutionary, classic and undeniably chic shopping experience awaits – and it's all about YOU!

Company Mission:

At Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront, our primary goal is to provide a swanky, irresistible shopping experience that makes each shopper feel both comfortable and satisfied.  Our mission is clear; to cater to your Premium Product and Stellar Service needs.  We aim to equip our business clients with the very best professional shopping experience, while simultaneously providing all our mall patrons with a convenient, fun and exclusive experience. Our goal is to empower shoppers to leave our storefront with some of the finest purchases at the most affordable prices. Now, this is the ultimate business and shopping solution!


Our Rootz Mall Virtual Luxury Storefront In addition to our Service Section, we also provide a wonderful five-star, all-inclusive shopping, leisure and holistic experience at our digital shopping mall. Our seven-level virtual storefront, The Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront, is not just a shopping destination; it's a complete experience. The complex provides unmatched comfort and convenience, allowing you to virtually explore your option, take leisure breaks for entertainment and relaxation and then seamlessly transition to your next shopping adventure.


Imagine strolling through a meticulously stocked and seamlessly navigable shopping complex, all accessible at your fingertips online. In this digital age, there's no need to leave the comfort of your home or office to indulge in retail therapy. Our ultimate aim is for shoppers to depart our storefront with some of the finest purchases at the most affordable prices, making us the ultimate business and shopping solution. With an array of choices, you're sure to discover what you're looking for. In the age of modern technology, you no longer have to leave home or the office to SHOP  UNTIL YOUR HEART IS CONTENT. 

U-SOL World Marketplace is a Global Shopping Platform, offering international consumers flexible purchasing power and access to some of the world's finest products and services. Purchase a range of items from international brands and access services from trusted companies with ease. 

The Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront & Global Marketplace Products:

  • Fashion clothing for women, men, and children from various renowned brands.

  • Footwear selections for women, men, and children.

  • Exquisite jewelry and accessories.

  • Cutting-edge appliances and electronic gadgets.

  • Fashionable headgear, including hats and caps.

  • Authentic custom-made mahogany wood carvings.

  • Classy and stylish furniture pieces.

  • Handcrafted fashionable belts.

  • Cultural accessories that tell a unique story.

  • A wide range of music genres.

  • A library of print and digital literature, including e-books.

  • Digital educational and motivational documentaries.

  • Attractive and practical handbags.

  • Wellness and herbal products, including medicinal oils and more

Additional Services:

We offer Complete Travel Planning to the island of St. Lucia through our Amazzing Iyanola Tours travel extension, in addition to a wonderfully, luxurious pampering Holistic Therapy Experience and Natural Health Spa through our signature Holistic Zensations Therapies.



"Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront impressed us with their professional and efficient services. We've never encountered such quick and fantastic business services at such a reasonable price. Remarkable!"

  • Ted Matics, California

"When I shopped at Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront, the online shopping experience was a delight. It was seamless, straightforward, and exhilarating. What I enjoyed the most was the feeling of shopping at a mall in my city. The experience was remarkably authentic, and the diverse product selection was a pleasant surprise. Thanks, Unveiling Solutions, for providing such a fantastic shopping experience!"

  • Tamar Branskey, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information:

Phone: Mobile (758) 287 7000 | Landline 572 (1SOL) 1765

ⓒ WARNING: You may not copy or transmit the contents of this website electronically or in hard copies, and you may not alter its content in any way. If you're interested in using the website's contents for any purpose other than purchase (NOT RESALE), please contact The U-SOL Office at for further information.

Company Ratings: ★★★★★

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