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Meditationz Media Network

Expand Your Horizons with Our Media Solutions


We are a media revolution, Broadcasting and Presenting Consciousness, Entertainment, Education, Information, Meditations, Light, Love, Music and Life to the WORLD!  Enjoy yje versatility and convenience of live interent radio and television broadcasts, audio, video and enhanced podcasts and live streaming. Dynanic vibrations are converged in one place, under one Global, Universal Umbrella. MEDITATIONZ MEDIA…STRAIGHT FROM OUR ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’ TO YOUR HIGHER SELF!!! CHECK OUT MEDITATIONZ MEDIA’S MEDITATIV SESSIONZ: MEDITATIV SESSIONZ is our signature counselling programme, specialising in life coaching, general counselling and advise, holistic guidance seminars and personal sessions.

The Medittaionz Media Brand represents a colourful, culturally diverse identity. This authentic media ID and MMN’s associated FRESH, new programme structure executed with meticulous, individual flare by each presenter, IS that unique factor which resonates with our dedicated Radio/ TV listenership and viewership. The MMN Media House encapsulates ALL-THAT-IS-LUCIAN, with the internationally diverse flavour!

Our programming is indicative of just this variety… a range of diverse radio programmes which feature presenters of varying nationalities, bringing to the airwaves a Kaleidoscope of Global flavour which appeals to a vast multi-national listening audience. St. Lucia is currently a melting pot of nationalities and the MMN Media House’s module and theme is a welcomed breath of fresh air for both listeners and viewers across the region and by extension across the globe!

Meditationz Media Network is indeed a REVOLUTIONARY, modern media experience. BE PROUD to feature your cause, business, event or occasion with us, the easiest way for YOUR BRAND to be recognised!!!

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