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Register your Brand, Business or Organisation

U-SOL Business & Organisation Registration Service Solutions


In the world of business, efficient and reliable registration services are vital for entrepreneurs, brand or organisation owners desirous of establishing a strong foundation for their ventures. U-SOL, a trusted global service provider in the industry, stands out for its commitment to providing comprehensive brand, business and organisational services that streamline the process for proprietors. Discover the key features of the company’s registration services, highlighting our team’s commitment to excellence and transparency while providing insights into our value-packed pricing structure.


U-SOL's Comprehensive Business Registration Services

Streamline Success


U-SOL is unique, providing a distinguished offering to clients and is a one-stop solution-driven umbrella company serving brands, businesses and organisations. The establishment was founded upon a dedication to catering to the diverse needs of owners of various establishments. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of business registration, ensuring a smooth and expedited process for clients. U-SOL's services cover a range of business and organisational structures, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, among others.


One of the predominant features of the company's services is our commitment to transparency. As a support-centred establishment, we provide clients with a clear roadmap of the registration process, handling the essential procedures while ensuring they are well-informed at every stage. U-SOL's experienced professionals guide clients through the necessary documentation, compliance requirements and legalities, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Clients step in only when they need to represent themselves as the business or organisation owner, to complete and sign relevant documentation required for certificate processing.

Pricing Structure


U-SOL takes pride in offering competitive and transparent pricing for its business registration services. The company understands the financial considerations of brand, business and organisation owners, particularly those starting small or medium-sized enterprises. The establishment’s pricing structure is tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of clients, ensuring affordability without compromising on the quality of service.


The costs for U-SOL's registration services are based on the type of business or organisation structure and the specific requirements of the client. While providing customised solutions, U-SOL maintains a commitment to fair and transparent pricing, avoiding hidden fees or unexpected charges. Clients can select from service packages based on their needs and budget constraints, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

U-SOL's pricing structure typically includes the preparation and filing of necessary documents, assistance with legal compliance and expedited processing when applicable. The company's approach is to empower entrepreneurs and organisation owners by offering cost-effective solutions that align with their goals.


Deluxe Business Registration Package:

Business Name Registration + Electronic Business or Creative Card featuring QR Code + Professional Business E-mail Header or Signature - US $112. | EC $300.

Platinum Business Registration Package:

Business Name Registration + Electronic Business or Creative Card featuring QR Code + 1 piece of Branding (logo, social media profile display image, cover graphic, banner, channel artwork, or flyer) + Professional Business E-mail Header or Signature - US $168.50 | EC $450.


Contact us for the registration of Partnerships, Limited Partnerships (LPs), Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Corporations, Professional Corporations (PCs), Benefit Corporations, Closed Corporations, Nonprofit Organisations, Cooperatives, Joint Ventures and Franchises.


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Why should you secure U-SOL’s Business/ Organisation Registration Services?


Our services are a beacon of reliability and efficiency in the industry. The company's commitment to transparency, coupled with its competitive and customisable pricing structure, makes it an ideal choice for business and organisation owners seeking a partner during their business journey. U-SOL's comprehensive solutions not only simplify the registration process but also empower entrepreneurs and establishment proprietors to focus on their core competencies, fostering a conducive environment for business growth and success.


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Why should you secure U-SOL’s Business/ Organisation Registration Services?


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