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House of Flamz Productions

& X-Klusiv Soundz Music

The possibilities are endless with comprehensive musical and creative representation through H.O.F. and artistic opportunities are limitless. We offer a host of unmatched professional quality entertainment services to our clients, providing them with more opportunities within the Creative Arts & Entertainment industry. We comprehensively facilitate the achievement of musical, artistic and entertainment goals.

H.O.F. takes undiluted, positive entertainment,
diverse music and creativity to the masses GLOBALLY.

House of Flamz Productions & X-Klusiv Soundz Music is a distinguished registered Umbrella Arts | Entertainment, Music Representation, Audio | Visual Production, Creative Marketing, Sales | Distribution, Events Company and Recording Label. As a cohesive and talented team of creative and musical professionals, our collective objective and ultimate mission is to captivate a global audience by delivering tasteful, exclusive and quality entertainment experiences that exude positivity.


We offer a comprehensive and distinctive range of products and services while providing a vibrant, all-inclusive platform for a vast range of creatives, including artistes, musicians, bands and producers to not only express themselves, but ultimately thrive. We maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering superior standards and engaging experiences. House of Flamz Productions, known as H.O.F., consistently strives to foster an environment of innovative creative communication and exceptional music. Our mission is to elevate vibrations, ensuring that they are perpetually set to an exceptionally high level, fostering an atmosphere of unparalleled impactful and transformative creativity. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the remarkable world of House of Flamz Productions!

H.O.F. serves as an exclusive umbrella company, representing exceptional artisans, helping them grow and succeed daily, and ensuring their longterm deveopment. The name itself speaks volumes, signifying our commitment to stellar quality and purpose-centred exclusivity. We extend an invitation to music managers, producers, promoters, talent scouts and agents to register their creatives and secure local, regional, or global promotion, wherein they will receive a comprehensive professional marketing service.


Artistes, musicians and bands seeking managerial or agent representation are welcome to complete the House Contact form below. Alternatively, requests may be directed to We showcase a diverse array of positive music spanning across genres, under the House of Flamz banner. Our steadfast commitment lies in providing unwavering, extensive support to all creatives affiliated with our brand. Contact us via for General Information. Reach out to Support via

To further explore our offerings, we encourage you to experience our captivating Entertainment Magazine, In the SpotLyght Global Feature Magazine. The publication can also be accessed via our Facebook page. For submissions and the opportunity to be featured as a prominent band, artiste, or musician in this captivating digital publication, kindly forward your requests to .

Remain connected with our global creative community, The Collective Chord, by following us on Facebook. Additionally, discover our esteemed media company and radio station online or via our Facebook page. where you can stay informed about the latest updates. We emphasise that our representation, production, promotion, distribution, and sales focus exclusively on tastefully entertaining, positively oriented musical and lyrical content. We kindly request and sincerely appreciate your adherence and consideration of these guidelines when making submissions. Thank you for considering House of Flamz Productions.  We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you in your journey toward fulfilling your purpose, realising your dreams and living your passion by nurturing and elevating your creative, or musical career. Namaste!


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