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A company with a wezine or e-zine (digital magazine), is one of the most effective businesses to partner with through an Affiliate, Partnership, or Referral Programme, This is because its subscribers are hungry for resources, recommendations, referrals, content and information.

Introducing and advertising your offers as a business owner, entrepreneur, or on an independent basis through such a trusted company, will GRAB the attention of prospects who may not have otherwise reached. U-SOL provides you with JUST THAT PERFECT PLATFORM!

Our business group includes two Digital/ Magazines, a Media, Broadcasting and Marketing company that houses an internet radio station, in addition to an Entertainment & Music company, This provides THE IDEAL SOLUTION for advertisers to have their products seen worldwide by a massive global audience.


Contact Customer Service and Support with questions, or for information, through our              Support Button, located at the bottom right.

Schedule a meeting. or correspond with us by submitting a form, according to your needs. Instantly book your appointment without delay through our                            Live Site Assistant below. You can also share documents and customised guidelines with us to facilitate your goods and service requests through Submissions.

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