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What is the U-SOL Affiliate Partnership Programme?

Become an Affiliate to Earn Money and Claim Rewards!


Register for the U-SOL Affiliate Partnership Programme now and begin to reap the U-SOL financial benefits with flexibility, convenience and great value! DON’T DELAY, START EARNING TODAY!

The U-SOL Affiliate Partnership Programme is a third-party sales programme via which our Premium Products and Stellar Services are sold through individuals, or companies (affiliates) who market, advertise and sell our company’s inventory and services for an attractive commission. The programme is a performance-based marketing initiative through which U-SOL rewards our affiliates for every purchasing customer referred to us by the affiliate’s own marketing or networking efforts.

As a business driving/ operating an affiliate program, we pay our affiliates a commission fee for every sale initiate through any one of our websites. or social media platforms Our main goal is to network with affiliates who are capable of reaching untapped markets.


There are two methods through which you can become part of our excitingly rewarding programme and begin earning extra UNLIMITED COMMISSION IMMEDIATELY:

1.) By registering to become a Direct or Primary Affiliate

Here are the steps and how it works:

.a. Sign up/ register to become an affiliate, by completing our U-SOL Affiliate Registration Form.

b.Receive a 25% payout for every service purchased by the people you refer to us

2.By offering our affiliate program to others, which qualifies you to become a Secondary Affiliate.

Here are the steps and how it works:

a. Introduce the programme to your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone within your personal or business network.

b. Earn U-SOL Credits, that convert to cash, which you can use toward any service purchase from U-SOL.

c. Earn U-SOL Points that convert to discounts, which you can apply to your purchases with U-SOL.

d. Win U-SOL Gift cards of various values which you can use to purchase services from the company when you have referred various numbers of people

e. Win U-SOL Coupons which can also be used toward your in-house purchases

Learn more about The U-SOL Centre Business Group's Credit, Point, Gift Card and Coupon System.




Here are a two core points to note:

1.) U-SOL is the reliable, trusted Company, also known as the MerchantRetailer, or Brand.

2.) Our business group has a comprehensive range of offers for you, our affiliate to choose from. You simply refer customers to us and our team handles the rest!

3.) With our Affiliate Marketing Programme, you, the Affiliate sells directly to the Customer.

If you are a business organisation, or social platform owner, you can choose to function in the following ways:

1.) Word of mouth system of advertising is a hassle-free way for you to let others know about the products and services we offer.

2.) From your brick-and-mortar establishment, reselling our products and services. This can be done by word of mouth, or by displaying our flyers or billboards in your office.

3.) You can resell our products and services digitally via your web spaces, through various methods. These include publishing them to your website with redirect links to our web platforms. This can be done through your social media business pages, groups and profiles as well. Once you have done this, you become a U-SOL Publishing Affiliate. This can easily and quickly be done by utilising our multiple sharing methods.

4.) Utilising communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagrams,Telegram, LinkedIn, Viber, Discord among others. Direct messages are a quick and simple way to share our products and services with your family, friends and network.

4.) Status updates can also be used on platforms which offer this feature to share our offering.


As a U-SOL affiliate, you can choose to use one or more of the following marketing and advertisement methods to earn your money:

1.) Social Media Marketing - Regularly advertising our products and services by sharing and reposting them from our web and social platforms, to your web spaces and social media business pages or profiles. This is a very simple, quick and easy way to regularly advertise as a U-SOL Publishing Affiliate.

2.) Content Marketing - This involves sharing/ reposting articles and advertisements directly from our web platforms, using our social media share buttons. 

3.) Display Advertising - Publishing image and text advertisements on your websites and social media business pages and profiles, that are directly linked to the service pages, on any one of our website or social platforms

d.) Rating & Publishing Reviews  - Rating and reviewing our products or services on your site, or general digital platforms, can easily attract leads to our company.

c.) E-mail Marketing - Marketing our products and services via your email, by forwarding our newsletters and email promotions.​

The U-SOL Referral Programme:

Our market has grown in complexity, resulting in the emergence of five tier partners for The U-SOL Referral Programme and we’re also partnered with specialised third-party vendors.

U-SOL’s Affiliate Marketing  Programme is not to be confused with our Referral Marketing Programme, both are distinct in their nature. The main difference between them is that our affiliate marketing programme is solely based on direct increased financial earnings which motivated programme members to drive sales, while our referral marketing programme is centred on business trust and relationships with our partners.

To access more information about our Affiliate Partnership click below:



Discover even more about Affiliate Partnership here…


Sign Up as a U-SOL Affiliate NOW! Alternately, you can contact us through the contact form below,. Visit our Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront and The Global Trading and Networking Business and Organisational Conglomerate page, where are motto is “Providing the secret tools to overall business success and productivity and a global networking forum to achieve such … Paving the way to SELF SUFFICIENCY!”

It is a recognised fact that while individual success is fully achievable, combining or forming a network of persons with similar success visions can achieve an incredibly greater amount of prosperity, through joint resources, brilliant visions, ideas and contributions.

It is truly a misconception that to be part of a network one must be like-minded or labouring/ working toward similar interests or with like visions. This is notion is ABSOLUTELY FALSE! People within any industry, career, niche, or field can work together productively, even with different individual or company visions.

How you ask? This is because each company has something uniquely different to bring to the table by contributing different or varied resources, ideas and visions and it is those very unique and exclusive characteristics that are indeed a BONUS to be added to that network.

Every individual company requires specific tools and resources to enable their individual businesses or initiative to flourish effectively. If one chooses to network only within one’s circle, then complete failure awaits long term, as this method is restrictive. Every successful company has a long-term vision in place.

Unveiling Solutions understands this secret recipe to success and uses this very unique recipe to accomplish this. This is what we believe… “AS AN ENTITY WE ARE SUCCESSFUL, COLLECTIVELY, BEYOND THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!”.The U-SOL Centre Business Group is a  company with a firm belief in teamwork, hence the reason we have an affiliate partnership program in place since 2011 which has been working for us.

We continue to show our affiliates our appreciation, that we value them working with us by offering SPECIAL AFFILIATES DISCOUNTS on all our products and services, apart from their regular sale or company referral payouts [commission]. Visit our Affiliates Lounge to connect and interact with other affiliates.


Register as a U-SOL Affiliate

Earn cash commissions advertising our

Premium Products and Stellar Service

Thanks for registering.

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