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Quality Standards, Trust, Reliability and Commitment


We are a group of Prime Companies seamlessly working together as a single entity.

Our slogan is 'Digitally and Geographically helping to build, develop and maintain businesses, organisations, social platforms, positive, quality entertainment and homes around the world, while connecting diverse people globally ‘with a single mouse click'.


Manifest Your Vision with The U-SOL Centre!

We are the CONSISTENT SUPPORT SYSTEM and the FUEL your vision requires, a professional company daily helping

business people, brands and organisational owners fulfill their dreams. We help GIVE LIFE to your goals, helping you succeed.


~ We Specialise in Professional Business Services ~ Consultancy, Web Development & Graphic Design, Audio
& Video Production, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Sales, Marketing & Distribution






The U-SOL Centre Business Group is a Dynamic Group of Prime Companies working Seamlessly together as One Entity to serve a Global Customer Demographic with varying interests and needs. We are people-centred with a mission to assist companies and brands to ascend toward their apex. Our slogan is ‘Digitally and Geographically helping to build, develop and maintain businesses, organisations, social platforms, positive, quality entertainment and homes around the world, while connecting diverse people globally ‘with a single mouse click’.

THE U-SOL OFFICIAL LOGO (5000 × 5000 px).png

Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront (U-SOL)

We are at The Crossroads of VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING!

We are truly pleased to provide you with THE U-SOL SERVICE ADVANTAGE!

Introducing U-SOL ~ Birthed through the desire to help diverse people globally, by providing a comprehensive range of Stellar Services and Premium Products. Our attractive service catalogue includes Professional Business, Real Estate, Domestic, Personal, Quality Entertainment services — in addition to general life products. Shopping has never before been so easy, convenient, enjoyable and fulfilling!

Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront (U-SOL) is the premier one-stop destination for professional Brand Building, Business Development, Media, Public Relations and Broadcasting. We also offer Sales & Marketing/ Promotions, Events, Musical Representation, Wellness, Cyber and other auxiliary services. Discover more

New Arrivals are NOW in stock at The Rootz Mall Luxury Fashion Boutique! Shop Now

Explore U-SOL’s Comprehensive Life, Business, Domestic and Personal Services at our Virtual Office. Visit Now

A Tailored Business Module with Two Relevant Departments Which WORK FOR YOU!

The U-SOLution Department Represents both our Premium Product range and Variety Services. As a general business umbrella, the department holistically represents YOUR overall lifestyle needs. We are called U-SOL for a reason!

Your Corporate SOL-Ution – U-SOL’s dedicated corporate department is strictly committed and focused on providing professional services to our corporate and business clients. Customers have the advantage of contacting our corporate office to request services, make purchases, place orders, acquire information and ask questions around the clock. We are open weekdays and weekends to facilitate YOUR schedule!

Our Mission: At Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront, our goal is to provide a swanky and innovative, irresistible virtual all-inclusive shopping experience which is super convenient, easy, affordable and fulfilling. We provide each shopper with the feel-good experience of the world being at their fingertips, the power and control of being able to shop for any of our expansive range of products and services right at home, in-office, or from anywhere — ALL in an exciting virtual environment!


What positions us at the pinnacle of our niche markets, is our AVAILABILITY (we’re on-call 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week), our ACCESSIBILITY (expansive digital/ web presence and physical location), CONVENIENCE, CONSISTENCY, EFFICIENCY and our unmatched FLEXIBILITY in meeting our clients’ needs on an individual level. We strategically and practically customise our services to suit customers’ specific needs/ desires — while providing them with ithe deal products based on their unique demands.

The U-SOL brand strength is that EXCLUSIVE factor we so value and appreciate, what we dub our U-SOL EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE. We meticulously apply and use a hands-on business approach — recognising each of our customers, their wants and needs as unique, thus handling each with care. We aim to ensure that we deliver EXACTLY what our customers want, while going beyond the call of duty to cater to their requests and satisfy their expectations. CLIENT CONTENTMENT is the driving force at the core of our existence.

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Begin achieving your business or organisational goals and reaching your targets

Data Driven

We collect and analyse your data,

then strategically create and implement a solid plan which is tailored to your business or organisation's daily needs.


We implement fresh, transformative ideas into your business or organisation's operational plan, ensuring you remain at the

pinnacle of your market niche.


All projects and campaigns run on behalf of your business or organisation are infused with creativity to optimally position your brand for long-term success.

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