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Welcome Mr. Kenneth Joseph and Ms. Danis Caezar!

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Business Name:  Things To Do 758

Client Name(s):

Kenneth Joseph

Danis Caezar

Contact Information:

Kenneth Joseph

Tel #: (596) 696 01 06 89

Email: TBA

Danis Caezar 

Tel #: (758) 721 7908


Service Order Details:


1 Logo Design

1 Business Card Design (front and back)

Project Specifications: 

1 Logo Design for a taxi and tour company, 'Things to Do 758', featuring a waterfall on the left side and the sea below with the company name.


1 Business Card Design for a batch of two-sided business cards for Saint Lucia with only Danis Caezar's contact information on the back and front.  This card design should feature a green background with vegetation, a waterfall and sea blue colour scheme. Other features are pitons, flowers and volcano.


Note: A second batch should be prepared for Martinique with Danis Caezar's name in front and Kenneth Joseph's information at the back. Refer to draft specifications below.

Design Draft Specifications:

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-28 at
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Document & Graphic Design Panel

Business Card Design Panel


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Reach out to us to discuss your draft documents and designs and review the final files before project closure.

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